Rosalyn Aninyei

CEO, Artistic Director

Rosalyn Aninyei, Founder/CEO of Vesta Orchestra and Opera Foundation is a violinist looking to create a world standard stage for the many talented performing arts professionals in Nigeria.

Having lived in Vienna, Austria for over a decade, she was inspired by the vibrant musical culture of the city, and returned home to Lagos, Nigeria to found the Vesta Orchestra and Vesta Violins Instruments Workshop.

Under the “African Classical Project”, the AfriClassical Concert Series was born, in a bid to perform music of mainly African Classical composers. Otherwise known as African Art Music.

The African Classical Project wishes to see more African representation in classical music by curating and commissioning of works – pieces, suites and opera – by composers of African descent, which would be performed at the Concert Series and subsequently recorded in studio to make the works available for purchase.

Her mission is to have these curated works performed alongside remarkable European Opera on stage at the Lagos Opera House; giving talented musicians, composers and playwrights the opportunity, for the first time, to present African Opera to the world in all its life, sound and colour.

Prior to the Lagos Opera Initiative, Rosalyn worked in Treasury at the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna, Austria, and as a Corporate Governance Specialist at the Bank of Brazil, also in Vienna Austria. Her love for music always drove her ambitions, and at present, after pulling together various professionals in various fields of endeavour, the dream of the Lagos Opera is becoming a reality.

We can do more for even more musicians with your support.