Joseph Ojo

Orchestra Coordinator

Joseph Ojo, is a Nigerian crossover violinist who eclectically combines classical, jazz and hip hop. His mission is to bring European classical music to African audiences in a creative way, through merging the languages of African traditional and classical music.

Michael Anifowose, a singer and collaborator, describes Joseph as reflecting his African tradition into his music to create a wonderful, exciting and educative experience for his audience”. Joseph is currently working on a crossover album that fuses classical, jazz and African percussion instrumentation like (talking drum, konga, shakers, djembe ensemble) to bring classical music to non-classical listeners in Africa and beyond.His most recent recordings include an African christmas medley and Pavane by Gabriel Faure.

In these recordings African instruments like marakas, shakes, conga and talking drum are mixed with piano and voiceDuring the COVID-19 lockdown Joseph reached out to his audience through social media featuring a wide spectrum of music from classic, jazz, afropop, highlife and hip hop.With his love for managing and arranging he is also the orchestra coordinator, arranger and violinist at the Vesta Orchestra in Lagos, Nigeria.

His most recent concert with the Vesta Orchestra is part of the Afri Classical concert series that promotes African music to its audience using classical orchestral and African Instruments.Joseph has had a wonderful career performing at jazz and hip hop festivals, cultural carnivals, classical and gospel concerts. He started his early music years as a pianist and singer but fell in love with the violin after he got the opportunity to learn the violin presented to him by his church community.For the majority of his student years, Joseph did not own a violin until he met Rosalyn Aninyei (C.E.O. of Vesta Violins).

She generously provided financing, allowing Joseph to eventually purchase his own violin. Joseph enjoys teaching violin to kids and adults interested in learning the violin. Alongside performing, Joseph teaches the violin to a wide array of students from children to adult learners. In his free time he enjoys watching and playing football, tennis, cooking, and skydiving.

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